Pro-Series® PHR | 338 Lapua


CALIBER: 338 Lapua

HAND: Right



STOCK: PSS072 in Black

LOP: 13.5″


  • H-S® Removable Muzzle Brake & Thread Protector
  • Boyt H52 Hard-Sided Travel Case


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The PHR is the ultimate dangerous game rifle. With specifically designed features such as a built in mercury recoil reducer and integrated cheek piece, the PHR helps eliminate recoil and is reliable when it’s need most.  Learn More

Highlighted Features: 

  • H-S Precision Pro-Series® stainless steel action and 3-position safety
  • H-S Precision cut rifled barrel
  • Full-length aluminum bedding block
  • Integral cheek piece for proper eye relief and stable sight picture
  • H-S Precision detachable magazine feeding system (center feed, center stack design)


H-S Precision Inventory Rifles

H-S Precision prides itself on making custom rifles one by one at our factory based in Rapid City, South Dakota. However, circumstances arise where customers’ finances, licensing, and/or export requirements fall short of what is required. Due to these occurrences, H-S Precision holds the rifle for a limited amount of time for the customer to recoup required documentation and/or finances. When the allotted time has been exceeded, the rifles then become inventory and are available on display at H-S Precision headquarters – available for purchase in person and/or online.

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