Test Equipment

H-S Precision is known around the world for our precision rifles and extremely accurate barrels. Engineered from the smallest of details, our team can design custom fixtures for many types of special application testing in addition to supplying standard test equipment. Below are a few of our most popular equipment products that are designed, engineered, and manufactured at our factory in Rapid City, South Dakota.

Test Barrels

We are the leading supplier and producer in the world for ballistic test barrels. The most well-known ammunition companies use H-S barrels for testing the quality and consistency of their ammunition.


Universal Receivers

In 1998, H-S Precision introduced ballistic fixtures designed to complement our line of ballistic test barrels. Equipment is available for pressure and velocity testing, NIJ body armor testing, ballistic armor testing and extreme accuracy testing.


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For more information regarding the equipment we offer, please call 605-341-3006.

Engineered for Accuracy®

Rifles Built One At A Time
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We engineer, design, and manufacture every major component of our Pro-Series® rifles. Our attention to detail, state of the art manufacturing techniques, and legendary accuracy guarantee is unmatched in the firearms industry. Let us build you the custom rifle you have always wanted!

Our History

Tom Houghton Sr., a former Army drill instructor and passionate benchrest shooter with a background in chemistry, combined his diverse interests to establish H-S Precision in 1978. After working for a chemical company in New York State, Tom and his wife Vivian sold their farmhouse and invested every dime into starting the company in Prescott, Arizona, diving headfirst into the firearms industry.

Known as an innovator, Tom Sr. revolutionized the field with his creation of the first fully synthetic rifle stock, featuring an integrated aluminum bedding block. This invention provided a stable shooting platform, propelling H-S Precision to the forefront of the industry. His pioneering work, which earned him several patents, also established strong connections with defense and law enforcement agencies.

Today, H-S Precision stands as the world's leading supplier of ballistic test barrels to the firearms and ammunition industries. It is the only company that designs, engineers, and manufactures every component of its sporting and tactical rifles, marking its unique position in the industry.