Q:  How tight should I tighten my action screws? 

A:  The front and rear action screws should both be torqued to 65″ lbs.  If you have a model with three screws the smaller screw can be hand tightened. 

Q:  Do I need a gunsmith to install one of your stocks? 

A:  No, our stocks are all designed to be a direct drop-in fit without any modification.  If you can tighten a screw you can install one of our stocks. 

Q:  What happens if my stock cracks or develops a chip? 

A:  Send it back, our stocks have a lifetime warranty.  Please give us a call to get your return authorization number.

Q:  What is the stock made out of? 

A:  Our stocks are made of a dense polyurethane foam, Kevlar, fiberglass, and woven carbon fiber all surrounding an aluminum bedding block. 

Q:  Will the aluminum bedding block help my accuracy? 

A:  Yes, the aluminum bedding block is CNC machined to the exact dimensions of the action ensuring a perfect fit that provides a solid foundation for your action while your barrel remains free floated. 

Q:  Are your magazine conversion kits a direct drop in fit? 

A:  Yes, dimensionally they are the same as a factory hinged floor plate.  However, minor sanding is generally required just forward of the trigger guard area of the stock.  Watch our instructional video on how simple this process is. 

Q:  I have an aftermarket barrel installed on my rifle, will your stocks accommodate a larger barrel contour? 

A:  Yes, our stocks are designed for factory barrel contours but the barrel channel of every stock we make can be inletted very easily simply with sand paper. 

Q:  Do you still offer the older style Gen I boxes? 

A: No, they have been discontinued. 

Q:  How can I tell if I have the Gen 1 or the Gen II magazines and floor metal? 

A:  The Gen II will have a polymer boot around the bottom of the magazine box and will also have a four-digit number stamped on the side of the box.