About Us

Welcome to H-S Precision, where our dedication to precision and innovation has been shaping the firearms industry since 1978. From our home in Rapid City, South Dakota, we craft the world's most accurate sporting and tactical rifles.

Engineered for Accuracy

H-S Precision is a firearm manufacturer producing high-quality bolt action rifles and related products providing services for the shooting sports industry. Since 1978, we have engineered, designed, and manufactured every single component of our Pro-Series® rifles in house at our factory in the USA. From the complete action (including the floor metal, magazine, and trigger), the barrel, and synthetic stocks – H-S Precision is proud to produce innovative products using world-class techniques, proprietary technology and state-of-the-art equipment.

H-S Precision provides products that require precise quality. From professional hunts to competitive shooting matches, the custom precision rifles manufactured in Rapid City, SD USA can be found throughout the world. H-S Precision also works with many major manufacturers such as Remington and Hornady creating custom products and testing services, as well military and law enforcement agencies across the United States including the Marine Corps, Army, FBI and IDF.

We are Engineered for Accuracy®. We are H-S Precision.

The Pro-Series®

The Pro-Series® line of semi-custom bolt action rifles have been called “the best firearms value on the market.” H-S Precision manufactures every component of the Pro-Series® – testing each firearm in our state-of-the-art, underground, 100-yard range for guaranteed accuracy.

All Pro-Series® firearms, 30 caliber and smaller, are guaranteed to shoot 1/2″ MOA or better at 100 yards. A target and load data are provided with each firearm.

There is not a firearm manufacturer in the world today that builds a more accurate and reliable rifle than H-S Precision.

100% Made in the USA with domestic materials, and all major components of our Rifles & Stocks are made in-house at our factory in scenic Rapid City, South Dakota.

Our History

Tom Houghton Sr. was a drill instructor in the Army and an avid benchrest shooter, but he also had a background in chemistry. Taking all of these passions, he put them together to form H-S Precision in 1978.

After living in New York State working for a chemical company, the opportunity to enter into the firearms industry opened. He and his wife Vivian sold their farmhouse, took every penny they had and moved to Prescott, Arizona to start H-S Precision.

Tom Sr. is considered a pioneer of the development of fiberglass stocks when he came up with the idea for a fully synthetic rifle stock with an integrated aluminum bedding block. This bedding block gives shooters a stable platform – an innovation that would launch H-S Precision into its prime. He was awarded patents for multiple innovative systems which would then connect him to defense forces and law enforcement agencies.

Today, H-S Precision is the largest supplier of ballistic test barrels to firearms and ammo manufacturers in the world and the only gun company to design, engineer and manufacture every component that goes into its sporting and tactical rifles.

Engineered for Accuracy®

Rifles Built One At A Time
To Your Specs

We engineer, design, and manufacture every major component of our Pro-Series® rifles. Our attention to detail, state of the art manufacturing techniques, and legendary accuracy guarantee is unmatched in the firearms industry. Let us build you the custom rifle you have always wanted!