Military & Law Enforcement Discount

Honoring those that serve and protect.

Military & LEO Discounts

Our tactical products are used by Law Enforcement and Military agencies around the world.  Most notably we supply the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) and IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) tactical rifles, under contract, to meet their specific demands.  H-S Precision was granted these contracts because of our accuracy and reliability.  We have also supplied rifles and components to Police Departments, Sheriff’s Offices, US Army, and the list goes on and on.  The notorious Army M24 Sniper rifle features an H-S Precision adjustable stock.  Our products have been thoroughly tested to include drop testing, accuracy testing, salt water immersion, grit, sand, dirt, function, heat, etc.  Many large well known companies also participated in these tests but H-S Precision came out on top.

We also offer a Military and Law Enforcement discount on all of our products.  Please contact us directly for pricing and ordering options. 

100% Made in the USA with domestic materials, and all major components of our Rifles & Stocks are made in-house at our factory in scenic Rapid City, South Dakota.

Our History

Tom Houghton Sr., a former Army drill instructor and passionate benchrest shooter with a background in chemistry, combined his diverse interests to establish H-S Precision in 1978. After working for a chemical company in New York State, Tom and his wife Vivian sold their farmhouse and invested every dime into starting the company in Prescott, Arizona, diving headfirst into the firearms industry.

Known as an innovator, Tom Sr. revolutionized the field with his creation of the first fully synthetic rifle stock, featuring an integrated aluminum bedding block. This invention provided a stable shooting platform, propelling H-S Precision to the forefront of the industry. His pioneering work, which earned him several patents, also established strong connections with defense and law enforcement agencies.

Today, H-S Precision stands as the world's leading supplier of ballistic test barrels to the firearms and ammunition industries. It is the only company that designs, engineers, and manufactures every component of its sporting and tactical rifles, marking its unique position in the industry.