Putting our products to the test is something we highly encourage. Once you get a chance to use our rifles, stocks, and magazines, you’ll see why we are considered the best in the industry by numerous sources and professionals. Join us for an event or connect with one of our product experts.

2022 Dates Coming Soon


We are getting ready for our annual H-S Precision Prairie Dog Hunt at Buffalo Butte Ranch! Attendees will be able to put H-S Precision Pro-SeriesĀ® rifles to the test at these all-inclusive 3-day hunts.

The hunt will be kept to small groups and will be available on a first come, first served basis.


H-S Precision is a proud member and sponsor of the National Rifle League.
Sponsored Shooters: Josh Reeves | Lonny Lesmeister | Josh Cluff

H-S Precision is a proud member of the National Rifle League and sponsor of NRL Hunter.