Pro-Series® HTR | 338 Lapua

Pro-Series® HTR | 338 Lapua



The Pro-Series® HTR rifle put H-S Precision on the map for our rifle manufacturing capabilities in the late ‘90s for its incredible accuracy and reliability. Many government and law enforcement agency contracts around the world (such as the FBI and IDF) have been earned due to its capabilities. Learn More

Highlighted Features: 

  • H-S Precision cut-rifled fluted barrel
  • Adjustable LOP & cheek piece
  • Full-length aluminum bedding block
  • H-S Precision detachable magazine feeding system (center feed design)


H-S Precision Inventory Rifles

H-S Precision prides itself on making custom rifles one by one at our factory based in Rapid City, South Dakota. However, circumstances arise where customers’ finances, licensing, and/or export requirements fall short of what is required. Due to these occurrences, H-S Precision holds the rifle for a limited amount of time for the customer to recoup required documentation and/or finances. When the allotted time has been exceeded, the rifles then become inventory and are available on display at H-S Precision headquarters – available for purchase in person and/or online.

CALIBER: 338 Lapua

HAND: Right



STOCK: Folding Thumbhole in Urban Camo

LOP: Adjustable


  • Entirely Painted
  • H-S® Removable Muzzle Brake & Thread Protector
  • McCann Rail
  • Jewell Trigger
  • Leupold VX-3 LRT Scope
  • 4 Magazine Boxes (3 High Capacity; 1 Low Capacity)
  • Custom Cut Pelican Storm Hard Travel Case


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