PST013 – Remington 700 BDL Long Action Rifle Stock


This stock is designed for the BDL hinged floor plate. However, if you are tired of having your ammunition fall in the mud the moment you hit the release button check out our detachable magazine conversion kits. They can be installed in this stock without any dimensional modification or gunsmithing required. Instead of a hinged floor plate you can now have a detachable magazine box with multiple capacity options.

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Fits: Remington 700 right hand long action BDL with large tactical barrel contour. This stock features a full length aluminum bedding block, adjustable length of pull, adjustable cheek-piece, ambidextrous palm swell, and comes standard with dual front swivel studs. This is a similar stock to the one that you will find on the army’s M24 rifle but this stock also has an adjustable cheek-piece.

The adjustable components featured on this stock allow you to fit the rifle to your current situation, regardless of uncontrollable conditions such as weather. This stock is also a very popular option on rifles that are shot by more than one person as the stock can be adjusted to fit any shooter or shooting style.

Short Action Available: PST007

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(Stock color shown – Black)
Weight – 3.75 lbs.
Overall length – 32.15" to 33.70"
Forend length – 11.42"
Forend width at recoil lug – 2.31"
Forend width near tip of stock – 2.21"
Grip – 2.03 width, palm swell
Adjustable length of pull range – 1.60"
Adjustable cheek-piece range – 1.83"