PST053 – Winchester Model 70 Short Action Rifle Stock


Fits: Winchester Model 70 (Post ’64 only) right hand, short action with a large tactical bull barrel contour.

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    The PST053 features a vertical grip with an enlarged ambidextrous palm swell and full-length aluminum bedding block. It is designed for the two-piece bottom metal (the trigger guard is separate from the floor plate). The barrel channel is designed to accept a large bull barrel with a straight taper down to .950″ at the muzzle. The vertical grip with the ambidextrous palm swell provides an excellent platform for those who prefer to shoot from a bench.

    Long Action (adjustable: PST054) (fixed: PST055) Available

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    Action: Winchester Model 70 (post '64) right hand, short action
    Magazine: Winchester two-piece hinged floor-plate
    Barrel Contour: Winchester Tactical
    Barrel Channel Dimensions: See Spec Sheet
    Barrel Muzzle: 1" dia @ 24"
    Grip Type: Vertical, palm swell, 2.05" at widest point
    Overall Length: 32.6"
    Bedding Block: Full Length
    Comb/Cheek Rest: Fixed
    LOP: Fixed
    Forend Width: 2.12" at tip, 2.22" at widest point
    Forend Shape: See Spec Sheet
    Stock Body Width: 2.02"
    Ambidextrous: Yes
    Sling Studs: 1 rear, 2 front (2" spacing)
    Avg. Weight: 2.76 lbs (Official Average TBD)