PST053 – Winchester Model 70 Short Action Rifle Stock


The barrel channel is designed to accept a large bull barrel with a straight taper down to .950″ at the muzzle. This stock is designed for an aftermarket barrel contour.

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Fits: Winchester Model 70 (Post ’64 only) short action right hand with large tactical bull barrel contour. This stock features a vertical grip with an enlarged ambidextrous palm swell and full length aluminum bedding block. It is designed for the two-piece bottom metal (the trigger guard is separate from the floor plate).

The vertical grip with an ambidextrous palm swell provides an excellent platform for those who prefer to shoot from a bench.

Long Action Available: PST054

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(Stock color shown – Brown/Black)
Weight – 2.76 lbs.
Overall length – 32.45"
Forend length – 12.0"
Forend width at recoil lug – 2.25"
Forend width near tip of stock – 2.11"
Grip – 2.07" width, vertical palm swell