PSV119 – Savage Model 12/10FP Detach Box Mag (LH) Rifle Stock


This stock comes standard from the factory on many Savage varmint rifles. If you don’t have one already here is your chance to get one and you can choose the color.

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Fits: Savage left hand short action model 12/10FP detachable box magazine with factory heavy barrel contour. This stock is designed for the center feed detachable magazine feeding system with 4.40″ spacing. Stock features a full length aluminum bedding block and a traditional pistol grip.

Additional information


(Stock color shown – Black)
Weight – 2.78 lbs.
Overall length – 31.50"
Forend length – 11.0"
Forend width at recoil lug – 2.36"
Forend width near tip of stock – 2.14"
Grip – 1.66" width, pistol grip
Hole spacing – 4.40" distance between the center of the front and rear action screw