PSV140 – Howa 1500 / Weatherby Vanguard Varmint Short Action Rifle Stock


Finally, a high quality varmint stock designed for a short action Howa 1500 and Weatherby Vanguard.
Watch how to replace your current stock with our H-S Precision Howa 1500 stock:

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Fits: Howa 1500 and Weatherby Vanguard short action varmint rifles. This is unlike any varmint stock we have ever produced. It features a full length aluminum bedding block and new proprietary patent pending barrel channel centering set screws. It’s a true drop in stock that will allow you to center the barrel channel regardless of the tolerances of the action.

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Weight – 2.65 lbs.
Overall length – 30.5"
Forend length – 10.25"
Forend width at recoil lug – 2.20"
Forend width at tip of stock – 1.86"
Grip – 1.63" pistol