Tom Houghton Sr. Tribute Rifle

Tom Houghton Sr. Tribute Rifle



Tom Houghton Sr. Tribute Rifle is based off Tom Houghton’s original world record setting bench rest rifle.

With three world records, this limited edition rifle is more than just a rifle! We are paying tribute to the founder and the roots of our company while showing you a glimpse of the future.


Learn more about Tom Houghton Sr. here.


24" Barrel Length
Only Available in Right Hand
Action: H-S Precision Pro Series®
Limited Edition and number out of 50 are engraved on the rifle
Special limited edition TOMSR serial number
Overall length – 43.5" (24" barrel, 13 1/2 LOP)
Barrel – 10X cut-rifled fluted
Barrel contour – African (.750" at the muzzle, 24" barrel length)
Stock – Composite, elevated cheek weld, full length aluminum bedding block
Feeding system – Detachable magazine box

H-S Precision’s first Limited Edition rifle: Tom Houghton Sr. Tribute Rifle! Only 50 of these rifles will be made – once they are sold we will never make this rifle again.

*only available in Right Hand*

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