PSS050 – Remington Model 7 Sporter Stock


There are not a lot of Remington Model 7’s out there but for those who are looking for a traditional sporter stock, your search is over! We have engineered the leading replacement Model 7 stock available today with a sporter/hunting barrel contour.

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Fits: Remington Model 7 with sporter/hunting barrel contour. This traditional hunting stock features a full length aluminum bedding block with standard forend and pistol grip.

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(Stock color shown – Olive/Black)
Weight – 2.18 lbs.
Overall length – 30"
Forend length – 9.5"
Forend width at recoil lug – 1.98"
Forend width at tip of stock – 1.48"
Grip – 1.75" pistol