PSS134 – Remington 700 BDL Long Action Long Range stock


This stock will work with a standard factory barrel contour but there will be a larger gap between the barrel and the sides of the stock.

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Fits: Remington 700 right hand long action BDL with aftermarket heavy sporter/ light varmint contour. This stock is the ultimate long range platform that features a full length aluminum bedding block, vertical grip, dual swivel studs, and elevated cheek weld. It is designed for the shooter who wants to replace his factory barrel with a custom barrel. The wider barrel channel is designed to fit a barrel with a muzzle diameter of .750″, generally referred to as a #6 barrel contour.

This is our most popular long range stock. The vertical grip and elevated cheek weld is ideal for the shooter who prefers to shoot from a prone position or bench.

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(Stock color shown – Grassland Camo)
Weight – 2.78 lbs.
Overall length – 32.01"
Forend length – 11.05"
Forend width near recoil lug – 2.27"
Forend width near tip of stock – 1.98"
Grip – 1.61" width, vertical grip