How To Install an H-S Precision Stock: Howa

If you’re looking to install an aftermarket stock on a factory actioned barrel, we’ve got what you’re looking for. This H-S Precision Stock can be installed on a Howa 1500 or Weatherby Vanguard, and Josh Cluff shows us how.

Items you will need:


Locate the centering screws and remove the right with your supplied Allen wrench. You will also want to back out the left screw without removing it completely.

Then, take your barreled action and install it vertically into the stock. You will want to install it in this vertical position so it is seats the back of the recoil lug against the front surfaces of the aluminum bedding block.

Next, add the floor metal floorplate and loosely finger-tight the action screws starting with the top screws and then the rear action screws.

Once your action screws are tight enough to hold in place, rotate your setup to view the barrel channel to ensure it is centered within the stock. If it is not centered, firmly grip the top of the stock and press the barrel towards the middle.

After your barrel is in place, take your Loctite glue (supplied with stock) and apply it to the first centering screw that was removed. A small amount across 6-7 threads will be enough to solidify the positioning. Install the screw back to its original position in the center of the stock. Tighten it with the Allen wrench until the screw pushes against the recoil lug and centers the barrel center in the stock.

Now, remove the left-hand screw, apply the Loctite glue just as you did with the right-hand screw and reapply until the barrel center is centered in the stock.

Take your torque wrench and tighten the action screws accordingly to weight.

Once your action screws are tight, your H-S Precision stock is installed.

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