SAAM Training at FTW Ranch

There are numerous reasons hunting is a recreational sport many seek the thrill of. Not only is it the scouting and the planning, or the hunt itself, but recognizing what nature has provided you after a kill: a lifetime of memories and meat that will serve as a centerpiece of conversation with family and friends during a meal together.

At H-S Precision, we use the products we make and are proud to uphold sound hunting ethics. Our team is extremely passionate about hunting, and we understand the importance of humanely expiring the animal with one clean shot.

The SAAM training provided by FTW Ranch is an intensive training program to ensure we (as hunters) do our job. Through this course, the FTW SAAM Instructors will help improve your shooting and/or hunting skills in realistic situations out to 500 yards. You will learn the effects that ballistics and the environment (elevation, wind, and temperature) have on your weapons and ammunition and how to compensate for those effects on our shooting ranges from 100 to 500 yards. Their ranges are situated throughout the FTW Ranch and simulate the types of pressures and environments that may be encountered on a variety of hunts throughout the world.

We highly recommend visiting their facility in Barksdale, Texas USA before your next hunting adventure.

About FTW Ranch and SAAM Training

FTW comprises a team who operates hunting adventures and the SAAM Training courses on the FTW Ranch. The FTW Ranch offers an exceptional fair-chase hunting experience on over 12,000 acres of rugged hills and valleys in the southwest region of the Texas Hill Country.  The FTW Ranch provides an ideal habitat for trophy-class whitetail deer and wild, introduced exotic species to thrive and grow as they would in their indigenous environments.

SAAM Training courses specialize in training and preparing hunters of ALL levels for any worldwide hunting adventure, costly and dangerous or otherwise.  Diverse ranges situated throughout the FTW Ranch, feature angled shooting, excellent wind calling opportunities and animated, life-size, interactive target systems – all of which are designed to sharpen skills, quicken reaction time and maintain alertness in the field.

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