How To Install Detachable Magazine Box: Rem 700

It is extremely easy and simple to install one of our detachable magazine box assemblies. Give yourself 3 to 5 minutes and you’ll be ready to go.

Items you will need:

The assembly itself comes with a floor metal and a magazine box which are designed for the Remington 700 BDL. (View Here) This will replace any standard BDL that you have and convert it over to a detachable box magazine.

The rifle we will be using to demonstrate the installation process is a standard 700 BDL long action.

We also are using our PSL149 Sporter Stock in the color Tan-Black.


Before getting started, check the barreled action to be sure it is not loaded.

Once confirming, remove the action screws and the BDL hinge floorplate off the barreled action gear. Set it off to the side or move to storage, but you will need to keep your action screws.

(Note: There are instructions that will come with your ordered stock.)

  1. Install your barreled action vertically. This is important with all H-S Precision stocks as it seats the back of the recoil lug up against the front surface of the aluminum bedding block.
  2. Drop the detachable magazine floor metal into position. (You will hear a snap when secured.)
  3. Insert your front action screw and then your rear action screw. Take your torque wrench and fully tighten the front action screw down to 65 inch/pounds. Then using the same torque settings, tighten the rear action screw.

Once everything is tightened up, your H-S Precision detachable magazine box installation is complete.

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