Installing an H-S Precision Stock on Your Remington 700 BDL in 3 Simple Steps

You don’t need to be a gunsmith in order to install and H-S Precision stock on your Remington 700 BDL. Not only is it a quick process, it is also drop-in ready with no alterations necessary.

Here are the items you’ll need before you get started.

  • H-S Precision Stock
    • We offer a wide variety of stocks for Remington 700 including BDL, ADL, right hand, left hand, and more. These instructions will be the same process for all H-S Precision Remington 700 stocks.
    • In this video, we will be using a Remington 700 .30-06
  • Torque Wrench

NOTE: Before beginning your deconstruction and installation, make sure the firearm is unloaded. Look down the chamber of the barreled action to be sure it is clear.


Take your removed barreled action and place it into your H-S Precision stock in a vertical position. Vertical installation will allow the back of the recoil lug to seat squarely against the recoil lug pocket on the aluminum bedding block inside the stock.


Once it is placed, insert your hinged floorplate (action screws installed) until you hear a click. This will set the hinged floorplate against the bottom of the stock.


Using your Torque wrench, tighten the front action screw down to 65 in/lbs. Repeat this with the rear action screws until secured at 65 in/lbs.

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