Q&A with Josh Cluff

Josh Cluff is a name you might be familiar with if you’ve been following H-S Precision for the past two decades. Cluff is our Vice President of Sales & Marketing, leading promotion of our products to customers and distributors alike. But more importantly, Cluff is a sportsman himself. An avid hunter for years, he recently began shooting competitively. We sat down with him and asked him how he’s liking it so far.

Q: How long have you been competitively shooting?

A: This is my 4th year shooting competitively, all with H-S (of course).

Q: What model of the Pro Series are you shooting?

A: I am currently shooting our HTR Comp rifle chambered in a 6MM Dasher.

Q: What have you enjoyed most about shooting with your H-S during matches?

A: I enjoy putting our products to the test against some of the best firearms available on the market. I may not have always done my job as a shooter, but my rifle has always performed flawlessly. It’s great having a venue to show and discuss our products with other shooters.

Q: Why do you enjoy competitive shooting?

A: I have always been an extremely competitive person, and the matches appeal to my competitive side. This sport is filled with like-minded individuals who are exceptionally passionate about long range shooting. The comradery and willingness to help other shooters in this sport is unlike any other competitive sport that I know of, and it’s awesome to see and be a part of.

Q: What have been some of your 2020 season highlights thus far?

A: A highlight for me every year is talking to shooters about our products. It’s great to see our products being used more and more in this discipline, and I believe very strongly in supporting the future growth of long range competitive shooting. I am constantly striving to become more competitive at this sport, and my goal at each match is to continually improve. I can’t compete with the big boys, yet, but I am working on it. I have had a 10th (Bighorn Steel Classic), 11th (South Dakota Steel Classic), and 17th (The Vortex Rampage) place finish in the NRL this year. 

Do you have questions for Cluff about our products?

Reach out to him here: Contact

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