How to Measure Length of Pull

Length of pull is one of the most important aspects when determining whether the firearm will fit you correctly. Determining the correct LOP is crucial to ensure proper eye relief and establish a repeatable shooting position.

The standard length on all H-S Precision stocks (and many others) is 13.5 inches. However, all stocks can be built to your desired LOP, as well as adjustable LOP options are available. 

Can you measure LOP on your own? Yes! And quickly, too.

H-S Precision’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Josh Cluff, shares three important steps to measure your length of pull. 

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H-S Precision Continues Expansion of Aftermarket Stocks for Carbon Fiber Barrels

RAPID CITY, S.D. – H-S Precision continues to expand their aftermarket stock offerings for larger barrel contours with the growing popularity of carbon fiber barrels. New to the Pro-Series® stock lineup is the PSL157 (long action) and PSL158 (short action) – synthetic, hybrid hunting-style stocks designed specifically for carbon fiber barrel contours (.850-.913 muzzle diameter).

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H-S Precision Releases Redesigned After-Market Stocks for Remington 700 BDL

COMPANY UPDATE — H-S Precision is proud to announce the release of the newly redesigned after-market stocks for the Remington 700 BDL in both long-action and short-action models. These stocks include a full-length aluminum bedding block, vertical grip, and dual swivel studs that come standard on most H-S Precision stocks. However, the redesign of the PSL149 / PSL150 stocks will now also feature an adjustable cheek piece. The adjustable cheek piece option will allow the shooter to get into a well-balanced shooting position and ensure a proper sight picture.

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