How to Measure Length of Pull

Length of pull is one of the most important aspects when determining whether the firearm will fit you correctly. Determining the correct LOP is crucial to ensure proper eye relief and establish a repeatable shooting position.

The standard length on all H-S Precision stocks (and many others) is 13.5 inches. However, all stocks can be built to your desired LOP, as well as adjustable LOP options are available. 

Can you measure LOP on your own? Yes! And quickly, too.

H-S Precision’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Josh Cluff, shares three important steps to measure your length of pull. 


Verify that your rifle is unloaded and in a safe position. Check to see that your rifle is not loaded by peering down the rifle action to ensure there is no cartridge in the chamber.  You can also check for clearance by inserting your pinky finger into the chamber. Once the rifle is verifiably unloaded and clear, begin to measure your length of pull by following the steps below.


To measure your current length of pull, the only items you will need are a tape measure and your stock. From the center of the trigger, measure to the back of the recoil pad in a straight line. Be sure you are centered within the trigger shoe, not forward or touching the back, for proper measurement. This length is your LOP measurement of your current rifle stock.


For a stock installed onto a rifle, you will want to shoulder the firearm into a good shooting position. Note: your eye position will not be perfect if the length of pull on your stock is not correct.

Keeping your shooting hand in position on the rifle, rotate your arm 90 degrees with a bend in your elbow.

Measure the space between the recoil pad of your rifle and the crease of your elbow. Leaving approximately a ½-inch gap, the remaining length is what you will need for your proper LOP.

For example, Josh is approximately 6 foot 3 inches tall and shoots a 14.25-inch LOP. Taking the standard stock on the SPL (see video), Josh rotates his arm keeping a bend in his elbow and measures the gap which is 1.25 inches. Leaving a ½ inch gap, Josh knows he will need to add ¾ of an inch to his stock length.

If you are looking at aftermarket stocks and wanting to measure the length of pull before installing the stock onto your rifle, follow the same directions as above.

You will shoulder the stock as if it were installed on a rifle, rotate your arm and measure the gap between the recoil pad and the crease of your elbow (deducting the ½-inch gap for clearance).


For shooters firing their rifle in a variety of weather conditions, it is important to factor in clothing and outdoor attire you will be wearing when shooting. Whether you are wearing a parka in the mountains, a rain jacket, or a heavy sweater, allowing for additional clothing is always a good idea when considering your LOP.


Sometimes a fixed stock may not be the best option for how your specific rifle application. If multiple shooters will be using the stock, your attire adjusts drastically, or if you’re looking to add more weight to your build — an adjustable LOP may be the ideal alternative.

When there is more than one shooter in the group using a single firearm, the odds of them both having the same LOP measurements are slim. With an adjustable stock, the shooter is able to adjust and fit the rifle within seconds without disassembling or re-measuring the stock.

Sometimes, you have a single rifle you plan to use in a variety of weather and shooting formats between hunting and target shooting. Having a drastic change of attire will cause the rifle to be shouldered differently. Being able to adjust the length of pull on the go for consistent eye relief can be a plus when you’re riding on hitting the perfect shot.

When selecting a stock with an adjustable length of pull, weight will be added. For some, this weight is helpful when steadying the rifle (especially for larger calibers).


H-S Precision offers a variety of aftermarket stocks. For brands such as Remington, Howa, Weatherby, and more, shooters are able to select from different models, styles, grips, and of course — length of pull.

With a standard stock length of 13.5 inches, Pro-Series stocks can be shortened to 12.5 inches or extended to 14.5 inches. (Other lengths beyond these measurements can be discussed depending on the stock model.) Adjustable stocks are also available.

With the correct length of pull, you will have quick sight acquisition, better control, better accuracy, and an overall comfortable experience when shooting.

For more information on custom length stocks, view the specs of individual rifles here, or give us a call at 605-341-3006.

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